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Jenn = awesome.

Posted on 2004.08.02 at 15:38
Current Music: the ballad of john and yoko
lisa says zap: jennn freakin' david
tp recycler: Woah hoah hoah
tp recycler: i was JUST going to im you
lisa says zap: really?
lisa says zap: sweet
tp recycler: and tell you i saw, at cedar point, a little boy
tp recycler: who would grow up to look just like you!
lisa says zap: hahah
lisa says zap: aww
tp recycler: it was weird, i saw one of meghan boylan too
lisa says zap: that's crazy!
tp recycler: think of how hard that boys life will be
tp recycler: well, if he turns straight
tp recycler: because the boys will oggle him
tp recycler: heh heh
lisa says zap: haha
lisa says zap: that's insanity!

Lame, but I did it none the less.

Posted on 2004.07.20 at 17:44
The \\
Last Cigarette:never
Last Alcoholic Drink:8th grade
Last Car Ride:uh, couple days ago?
Last Kiss:yesterday
Last Good Cry:month ago or so
Last Library Book:violet and claire
Last book bought:lydia bailey
Last Book Read:violet and claire
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:spiderman 2
Last Movie Rented:velvet goldmine
Last Cuss Word Uttered:hell
Last Beverage Drank:water
Last Food Consumed:taquitos with jalapenos
Last Crush:keith
Last Phone Call:megan
Last TV Show Watched:family guy
Last Time Showered:earlier today
Last Shoes Worn:converse
Last CD Played:tim's cd he gave me
Last Item Bought:taquito and slurpee from 7-11
Last Download:don't download, yo
Last Annoyance:mom
Last Disappointment:uhh, i dunno
Last Soda Drank:no clue
Last Thing Written:justine's info
Last Key Used:"o"
Last Words Spoken:"i think i'll drive myself"
Last Sleep:last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:...can't remember
Last Chair Sat In:computer chair
Last Webpage Visited:livejournal

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La la la, eat shit.

Posted on 2004.07.17 at 23:16
Current Mood: crappycrabby
so i'm really annoyed and cold and feel like shit.
today was an okay day at first.. then it got sort of annoying.
i ranted to a couple of people about it. so there.

point being is a need a break from the warreners.
(not including keith, of course)
cause you guys really know how to piss me off, and it gets to me.

sooo there.
the end.

so maybe i was a bit out of control.
i meant that i need a break from the annoying 2 or 3 of the boys that ticked me off yesterday.
those who aren't in this catogory know who they are.

Deet deet deet doo.

Posted on 2004.07.14 at 10:18
Current Music: elvis presley - that's alright
lisa says zap: i had another that 70's show drema
lisa says zap: dream*
miss nerv0sa: haha
miss nerv0sa: what happened?
lisa says zap: hm
lisa says zap: i remember getting out of school
lisa says zap: er, wait
lisa says zap: there was some kind of contest i was in
miss nerv0sa: heh
lisa says zap: and i was spinning around in a box with a bunch of make up
lisa says zap: and you guys were there
lisa says zap: 'n so was steph
lisa says zap: anyways
lisa says zap: keith 'n some of the warreners came to see it
lisa says zap: then they left
miss nerv0sa: haha
lisa says zap: and i was at "eric forman's" house
lisa says zap: but it wasn't really
lisa says zap: and kitty was on the computer
lisa says zap: but the computer had an optical laser mouse
lisa says zap: and like a nice screen
lisa says zap: and i was like, "em, that's not very 70's"
miss nerv0sa: hehe
lisa says zap: then i think it shot to this cave full of black cats
lisa says zap: so i got out, 'cause i was kinda scared
lisa says zap: and mandi came and like, hugged me
lisa says zap: and i told her about how i had a crush on eric 'n junk
lisa says zap: then i went back to eric's house
lisa says zap: and told him
miss nerv0sa: what about keith?!?
lisa says zap: and was like, "i can't help it, really. i've lived next door to you forever. well, the other next door"
miss nerv0sa: hah
miss nerv0sa: the other next door
lisa says zap: haha
lisa says zap: cause donna was next door, too
miss nerv0sa: yeah
lisa says zap: so then i was goofing around with hyde
lisa says zap: and i chased him around
miss nerv0sa: lisa make up your mind!
lisa says zap: then all of a sudden i just start making out with him in the bathroom
lisa says zap: haha
lisa says zap: but we left the door open
lisa says zap: so richard simmons was watching us
miss nerv0sa: haha!!
lisa says zap: then we were like, "we can't do this. you have jackie, i have keith"
lisa says zap: then harris and megan come in
lisa says zap: and harris says something like, "what kind of cart go's?"
lisa says zap: and i go, "a go cart?"
lisa says zap: then he was like, "yaa, we're gunna go ride some. are you guys comin'?"
miss nerv0sa: heh
lisa says zap: and hyde asked if the warreners were comin'
lisa says zap: and she said ya
lisa says zap: megan
lisa says zap: and i didn't want to confront keith about kissing hyde, i was all worried
lisa says zap: then i woke up
miss nerv0sa: and realized you didnt really kiss anyone
lisa says zap: yes
lisa says zap: hah
miss nerv0sa: isnt it a good feeling when you realize something was only a dream
lisa says zap: cause when i woke up, i still felt guilty
miss nerv0sa: yeah that happens to me. not about the same stuff. but if i do something wrong i still feel guilty when i wake up.
lisa says zap: ya
lisa says zap: the night before i had a dream where rob smith tried to kiss me
lisa says zap: cause i saw him performing
lisa says zap: and i said, "i enjoy your band"
lisa says zap: and he said thank you
miss nerv0sa: heheh
lisa says zap: then after he tried to get me to kiss him
lisa says zap: in a hotel bed or something
lisa says zap: but this was old, fat rob smith
lisa says zap: from now
lisa says zap: so it was gross

i'm an interesting girl, aren' i?
or maybe just weird.

I forgot what it feels like to be noble.

Posted on 2004.07.13 at 17:05
Current Music: rooney - shakin'
i want my hair to be loooonggg.

The melody comes pouring out her eyes, but to me everything else sounds just like a lie.

Posted on 2004.07.13 at 15:15
Current Music: the who - i can see for miles


Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?

Posted on 2004.07.07 at 09:32
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: the who & pete townsend - let my love open the door
why the hell did i wake up at 9:30?

well, since no one's on 'n junk, i guess i'll write in here.
keith came home monday, which was w o n d e r f u l
because i missed him insanely.
he went to disney land while he was there
'n brought me back a simba plush. pretty freakin' cute.
i saw him yesterday and that was pretty neat.

i'm really beginning to dislike my honors teacher.
she makes us read this 300 year old book that's nearly impossible to find.
then again, i've only looked for it in one library, and it was checked out.
the point is she's insane.

uhhm. what elsee...
today's ringo's birthday!
so happy birthday to that little drummer boy.

it kinda sucks 'cause summer's like half over, and there really isn't much i've done.
i'm missing a lot of people, too.
so if you wanna do stuff, IM me or call me or somethin'.
i've got a vehicle, remember?

i've really got nothing to say. beep bop bop bop.
i wish i had some freakin' money.
gas is a stupid thing.
eh, well, i just wish my car didn't eat gas like a mad man.
i guess i should be thankful i just have a car period, eh?
ya, i just want some extra money 'cause i'd like to go thrifting or garage saling sometime.

whooooo are you?
who who, who who?
i reeeallly wanna know!

y'know, i've got a good amount of people on my friends list, and about half of them ever comment. it kinda makes me wonder if you kids ever even read my junk.
i'd do a huge friends cut, but it'd be pointless 'cause it's public.
ohh welll.

tell me whhyyy you cry
and whyyy you liiee to meee

i have to wear this lame ass rubber band thing on my braces.
it's sucky and it hurts. and it's nearly impossible to yawn with it on.
i really want these dumb braces off.
i've had them on for a little over 2 years.
my teeth are straight now! take the dumb things off and let me free!

rant rave ramble.
i think i've done enough.


Posted on 2004.07.06 at 22:43
Current Mood: dirtydirty
Current Music: rocky racoon

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Man, I'm so strung out.

Posted on 2004.07.05 at 00:23
wahh. come home already.

To love and to be loved.

Posted on 2004.07.02 at 00:18
Current Mood: depressedin mourning

aww, i miss him.

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