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Mother nature's son.

Posted on 2004.06.29 at 01:08
Current Mood: woosh
Current Music: paperback writer
i've been spending the past couple of days visiting my boy, because he's all leaving sooon. he's going to california, and i'm going to be in mourning.

pouty lisa.

he's going to california for 6 days !
i think i'll roll over and die now.

so i think i'll go over there tomorrow for a couple hours before he has his axe lessons which is coolio so i can say my goodbyes.


my mom totally got me some taquitos and sherbert.
i'ma happy lady. w00t.


i say goo'day.

You'll never find it if you're looking for it.

Posted on 2004.06.27 at 00:29
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: launchcast yoyoyoyo
waking up at 8am
taking a nap with my boy
going to mcdonald's
taking another nap
driving around
onion rings at red robin's (!excitement!)
hangin' at mike's talking about ...the things we talk about
and the finale to my day--
beautiful explosions in roseville

point being...
i had a wonderful day with my boy and company.

thanks ladies.

I get high with a little help from my friends.

Posted on 2004.06.21 at 00:17
Current Music: beatles - i'll be back

that 70's show makes me want to steal beer and smoke pot. good thing i have my boy & company to keep me in line.

har har.


Posted on 2004.06.20 at 12:51
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
summer reminds me of the times i had with you, and how close we used to be.
why'd that have to fade? why'd did you suddenly start hating us?

i miss being your friend.

Eh, what the hell.

Posted on 2004.06.20 at 11:29
this is me jumping on the bandwagon.

Leave a comment of a favorite memory of you and I, OR how we first met.


The future? Let's hope not.

Posted on 2004.06.20 at 11:15
Current Music: eleanor rigby
this is the freakiest dream i've had in a while. there were more parts in it besides the part i'm going to tell you, but they're little insignificant things. anyways, here goes.

i was on my way to my cousin's funeral. she's 7. in the dream, she was "slow" and the doctor's wanted to kill her because they said it was for the best and she wouldn't be able to make in in the world later in life. instead of just shooting her (injections apparantly don't exist in my dream..) they have this special cemetary for these kind of cases. grace, my cousin, thought her "funeral" was just a party, so she was having fun and playing and all these things. then my aunt alisha comes up to me and tells me there's little gun shooter things that shoot gracie in the leg periodically, and to not worry about it. i walked away from everyone, because i really didn't want to see this little underground shooter thing shoot at my cousin. my sister comes with me, and we sit for a bit. then a couple minutes later, a man comes rushing to get us and tell us gracie's been shot. as soon as we get to everyone, we're all praying, including grace. i'm crying hysterically, praying under my sobs. grace too is praying, completely oblivious to the blood pouring from her mouth and leg.

then i woke up.
i'm insane.

I've been doing this for a half hour...

Posted on 2004.06.17 at 10:27
_sasquatch_ and meowzers have been secretly doing it!
ugly_bunny and xbiteyerlipx are having sweet, creamy buttsex!
thecowlady has had implants. Y'know. *Those* Implants.
storyoftheyear kissed eevil_kittyy under the mistletoe. Twice. In June.
_sasquatch_ got evilplushtoy drunk and naked, and took photos. thecowlady downloaded them.
lisazappedyou collects other people's underwear!

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

i thought this one was pretty good.

He told us of his life in the land of submarines.

Posted on 2004.06.13 at 18:52
Current Mood: sickmeh
camping was alright.
after the first night, it kinda went downhill from there. i tried to be optimistic, but i had a sore throat and the weather was cold and windy. i hate sleeping in tents. it sure seems like i was missed, too. *mmmm not*

i'm in desperate need of a nap. i'm now sick 'n stuffy. lame.

on the bright side of life,
i got a cd player in my car. it's sweet. thanks grams.

nap time = now. later.

I want a lover I don't have to love.

Posted on 2004.06.07 at 18:36
Current Music: bright eyyees
i miss you
more than you'll ever know
come home, please

i live for this weekend
i need a good time with my frieeends to kick off the summer
3// 2/ 1 ... seeeya

Posted on 2004.06.05 at 23:44
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