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so give me a song

and i'll sing it like i mean it

lisa marie
31 January
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and she came to him like a tick on a noose
a little blue eyed soul for his black and blues
80's rock, acoustic guitar, air guitar, american history x, animal crackers, anime, battlescars, beatles, beef stroganauf, black and white photos, boogers, books, bubbles, capri sun, catcher in the rye, chasing rainbows, cheese cubes, chicken alfredo, chocolate cake for breakfast, coloring, conan o'brien, cotton candy, crayons, crying, cuddling, dancin' goofa-ly, david bowie, degrassi, donkey punch, dr. pepper, dragonflies, drawing, dreams, elvis presley, enchiladas, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, eyes, faeries, fairly odd parents, fear, fern gully, finch, fireflies, fishing, flowers, freckled faces, friends, fun, garth brooks, grass between my toes, green day, hand holding, happy days, hope, italian food, jackass, jailhouse rock, jamming loudly, johnny knoxville, konstantine, kool-aid, laughing, lion king, lips, lonely nights, lord of the rings, love, love bites, mad caddies, malls, meeting new people, mexican food, mickey mouse, morning stars, moulin rouge, music, naps, naps in the sun, naps with him, old godzilla movies, oldies, outsiders, ozma, paint, paul mccartney, photography, pictures, pierogies, pineapple pizza, playdoh, ponyboy, pulp fiction, punk, queer as folk, radiohead, rain, ranma 1/2, red, red balloons, rolling stones, salads, sausage egg mcmuffins, shania twain, sharpie mustaches, shooting stars, simba, ska, skittles, soccer, sodapop, soft kisses, starry nights, summer, summer nights, sunkist, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, teenage mutant ninja turtles, that 70's show, the beatles, the crow, the cure, the flaming lips, the fonz, the ocean, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the von bondies, the who, the yeah yeah yeahs, thunderstorms, timon, tomorrow, tricky days, two-bit, virgin suicides, wallflowers, warren kids, watermelon jolly ranchers, weekends, weetzie bat, wendy's, wishing on stars, yesterday